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2007 Paper Airplane Contest !!!
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 A Paper Airplane Contest is planned for March 24, 2007 in the afternoon from 2pm to 4pm,  at the Upper Tampa Bay Regional Library at 11211
Countryway Blvd, in Tampa, Florida.
Planes can be entered into 4 categores
      - Distance Flown
      - Duration (Time Aloft) (Cancelled)
      - Accuracy (How close it can get to a predetermined target)
      - Creativity (As decided by our Guest judges, but planes must be able to fly a minimum of 10 feet)
There are 3 age catagories for entry,
        0-6 years old
        7-15 years old
        16 years old and over
Each person may enter a maximum of 1 plane per category, for a total of 4 planes.

Prizes will be awarded, so sharpen your skills and meet us on Saturday!
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The Upper Tampa Bay Regional

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02-07-2007  Bad News Folks - Due to insurance considerations, we cannot hold the events outdoors. So that limits us to the inside
meeting rooms. There is not enough room to conduct the Duration or Distance contests. But we will have the Accuracy and
Creativity contests! Show up and play to win!
03/29/2007 Results! Check out the
2007 Paper Airplane Contest
to see pictures of the event!