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Halloween 2005
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here is the note that went with it!!
Here is the neat "spooking" game someone
played on us. We heard a knock at the door
late on evening, and when I answered the
door, there was a bag of goodies, and a
note (link at the right) and a picture (link on
the left).
well, of course we had to do it to two other
people and continue the game!
Here is the view
from the inside
looking out.
Here it is looking at the
front. The spooky chest
of drawers is a rummage
sale item that is waiting
to be picked up. The
"Stone" towers are just
2x4's with some cloth
stapled to it and painted.
The windows will be cut
out to and there will be a
FCG in the window
looking out into the

Here is another view of
the front. The stone
tower on the left is left
open so I can get in and
out of the garage. Not
much to the
construction, but it looks
good at night! I will be
hiding in this tower to
scare the tots! hard to
see, but there is a black
fence connecting the
towers behind the